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My Style Collective

Today I'm introducing a new section to my blog called My Style Collective.  I will be inviting inspirational and successful women in the design industry to share with us their top 10 favourite things, across, fashion, interiors, art etc.  
I find inspiration in many places but my absolute favourite way has to be through people themselves.   First up is Naomi Wilson, designer at Oroton, she is always effortlessly stylish, discovers trends long before they become mainstream and is forever pushing the envelope of innovative design. If you haven't checked out Oroton lately, you must visit them online, especially their apparel section, I am a huge fan.  Naomi brings a fresh, youthful feel to the brand, stamping her unique + cutting-edge style to this iconic Australian label.

Minimalism is everything when I choose accessories.. I think this bucket bag is going to be my next everyday wing man!  Available HERE.


Just recently fell in love with, none other than Loretta's gorgeous panama hat. So I just had to have this one when I stumbled upon it.  At $22 bucks this purchase was guilt free.  Available HERE.

#3 TRIANGL Bikini

Even in the throws of winter I can't help daydreaming about hot days at the beach... These Triangl bikinis are not only fresh but tick all the fun boxes as well.

Hey come on! We can all dream right? This bad boy comes in at No. 4 with no intro needed...similar one available here.

I have an in-satiable love for cactus – and this cactus screen for outdoor dining is pure genius!


Can't live without a classic stripe, and at the moment there are a tonne of variations available on the el-cheapo from BIG W.  This one looks good on him too!

This DIY is perfect for the outdoor shower, laundry or seaside bathroom. Rope towel rack = LOVE!  Visit HERE for full instructions.

There's really no better way to warm up your dining table chairs (or any chair for that matter) during the cooler months …..sheepskin everywhere I say!


Not sure how practical this one is, but I've never been a practical person!  Indoor swings would have to be one of the most playful interior trends I've seen to date.. and this one is tomboy cool.


The art of flower arranging taken to the next level.  Stunning addition to any coffee table book collection...Encyclopaedia of Flowers

Are you a designer, stylist, artist or just an amazingly creative person?  I would love you to take part in 'My Style Collective', just send me an email and share some of your amazingness with the world!

xx L.